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Pet Pause: Getting your pet ready for winter

by Natalie Sparacio & Dolores Glytas

WAKE UP WISCONSIN (WAOW)-- With snow already coming down in October, it's no surprise it's time to start getting your pet ready for winter. Here are tips from Dolores Glytas, from Wisconsin Federated, about getting ready for the colder temperatures.

Shop for proper and stylish winter clothing for small pets or pets with short hair.

Have your dog wear booties to protect their feet from ice and especially salt.  Or, wipe their feet off with a damp towel after a walk so salt  doesn't irritate their pads or they don't injest the chemical as they lick their paws.

Purchase salt that is pet friendly.

Antifreeze is a deadly poison. Store it out of reach and wipe up any spills promptly. Better yet, use an antifreeze made with propylene glycol. This is less toxic and won't kill a pet if swallowed in small amounts.  It will still get them sick so be careful.

Online Reporter: Natalie Sparacio

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