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Class of the Week 10/16: Almond-Bancroft School


by Natalie Sparacio

ALMOND (WAOW)-- It's called Pennies for Peace.

It's a program aimed at raising money for a non-profit organization that builds schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan, in hopes of keeping kids there, from joining the cause of terrorism.

The teachers at Almond Bancroft came up with the idea for their students, after reading a book called "3 Cups of Tea", that talks about raising money for kids in those countries.

Mike Gerlach, a 9th grade teacher says, "... I talked to our 9th grade students about being global citizens and how important that is in this part of the world... considering political events."

So, the 2nd and 9th graders teamed up to collect pennies, and donate them to the cause.

They collected $123 dollars worth.

During the project, the civic students shared presentations to paint a clearer picture for their younger peers, about the conflicts going on in the 2 countries.

Amanda Negro, a second grade teacher says, "... the 2nd graders got to learn more about Afghanistan and Pakistan... and they were able to kind of feel a little bit more about how the children live there."

The program is based on the idea that while pennies may not be worth much here... they're worth a whole lot more in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Ryan, a 2nd grader says ,"... I think it would feel good its because we've helped them.. and if there's not going to be anything bad there...we're going to help the Earth ...and help not have any people dead."

It goes to show that even if you're from a small town.. you can make a big difference.

Avery, a 9th grade student says, "... it's amazing, because it's a small town with the population so small and were helping this big country... that's got some people who need help."

Gerlach says, "... I really hope they realize if you grow up in a small community like Bancroft.. the decisions you make and the things you can do here locally have an effect globally..and especially the global events going on now... so I'm really proud of our kids for the work they've done on that... they've really embraced it... and it's been a really positive experience."

The students truly embraced the project, their dedication to helping out kids across the world shows their ability to think outside the box, and give.. to those in need.

That's why these students are Wake Up Wisconsin's....CLASS OF THE WEEK!

by Natalie Sparacio

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