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Birds In Art: Collaborative Artists

by Colby Robertson

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- Typically artists are known for being independent. Many spend years working on their art, alone.

But this year, two pairs of collaborative artists made their way to the Woodson Art Museum's Birds In art.

Ken and Pat Larson married in 1975. Ever since then they've shared a love for birds and art.

Pat Larson says, "We've worked together for so long, it would seem strange to work alone and we each work on things that we're best at and then we collaborate."

It's a system of teamwork that this Minnesota couple prides themselves on.

Pat Larson says, "I can't handle some of the big stuff that Ken can and Physically it gets to be hard to do and so he does some of the things I can't do and I do some of the things he can't do."

The Larson's are no strangers to Birds In Art. They've visited the Woodson Art Museum many times, but this is only the second time one of their pieces has been a part of the exhibition.

This time around they entered the show with this clay sculpture of Ravens. But to the Larson's this is much more than just a sculpture, it's the interpretation behind the birds that makes this work of art special.

Ken Larson says, "What I thought is that one of the birds is looking at the text on the monolith and thinking there is some great secret and the other one is looking at the text and thinking that maybe it has something to do with his next meal. Really it means that we look at things in our own context and everybody has a different perspective that is correct."

In the art world,  it's unique to see collaborative artists, but for the Larson's it's a way of life that they wouldn't change for the world.

Pat Larson says, "I'm the one that makes these pieces look like birds usually. Ken may start them, but I finish them."

Birds In Art continues at the Woodson Art Museum through November 15th.

Online Reporter: Colby Robertson

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