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Hand Sanitizer Safety

Hand Sanitizer Safety


by Elizabeth Fay

Weston (WAOW) -- Hand sanitizer now comes in kid-friendly colors and scents, but is the germ-fighting gel safe for young children?

The majority of hand sanitizers have about 70% of ethyl alcohol.

One doctor compares a 2-ounce bottle of sanitizer to four shots of vodka.

Because toddlers often put their hands in their mouths, some parents worry that it could be dangerous for young children.

But family physician, Dr. Tim Turbett says a small amount should not be a problem, saying, "Most likely a child's exposure to a single squirt of hand sanitizer, were they to put their hands in their mouth is not a concern in terms of toxicity."

He says only eating or drinking it would be hazardous.

It's suggested to keep the hand sanitizer out of reach for young children.

And hand washing with soap and water is a good alternative.

Online Reporter: Elizabeth Fay

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