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Antigo classroom nomination

I am a teacher of students with significant cognitive disabilities and autism. My students have difficulty participating in physical education and group sports due to their disabilities and because some students use wheelchairs. I would like to increase the physical activity and interest in sports by purchasing a Wii and Wii Fit so that they can do physical activities that meet their unique needs in an environment where they are more comfortable. My students excel at interactive activities involving computers and gaming techonology and I believe the Wii technology could benefit my students by becoming more active and utilize their upper body strength even though they can't use their legs. My autistic students stuggle with the sensory overload from the activity and noise in a normal gym class. They are interested in activities such as video games and I think the Wii would encourage them to participate in physical activities that they are normally unable to participate in due to their sensory problems. Thanks for your consideration, this program is a great way to benefit students and schools
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