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Rothschild classroom nomination

I would use the $300 to purchase more classroom library books, books on tape and three to five individual tape players. Why do I feel these materials are important for our classroom? The value of reading outside of school is immeasurable yet many children come to us with varying backgrounds and levels of family support so not all kids have the luxury of having someone who can sit down and read to them. These materials will be used in the classroom for daily instruction as well as the children would be allowed to check these materials out to take home. This would give each and every student the same opportunity to listen to reading at home. Research states that reading each day is the best way to become a better reader and the best readers practice and listen to reading each day. One way to give children additional exposure to books is to increase the amount of time they hear fluent and expressive reading by others. Listening to books on tape are valuable resources to achieve this at school and home. Another reason for having these materials is because listening to fluent reading helps students develop language fluency and vocabulary as well as being helpful support for our students who get their first exposure to English when they enter our classrooms. Listening to books on tape are valuable resources to achieve all of these things both at school and home. Thank you for doing all you can to help support our local schools. It is very much appreciated!
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