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Wausau classroom nomination

We would like to use the money to buy a comfy chair for our reading corner as well as some nonfiction reading material. The children in our classroom are learning to build their stamina to read for longer periods of time but it would be nice to read in a cozy corner. The children have learned that there are three ways to read a book. They can read the pictures, read the words or retell the story. Along with the comfy chair we would also like to buy some easy to read nonfiction books and magazines (like National Geographic for kids, Time for Kids, and Scholastic News) for our reading corner. We have lots of fiction books but are in short supply of nonfiction books. We are learning that fiction books differ from nonfiction books. Nonfiction books are usually filled with visuals, such as photographs, illustrations, diagrams, graphs and charts that help us gain information. Thank you for considering our classroom.
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