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Wisconsin Rapids classroom nomination

Buying books to lend to my high school students: $300 (or more). Convincing my non-teaching husband that it's a worthy investment: a mini-lecture about investing in the future. Hearing students say upon returning a borrowed book, "I've never really read a book. Could I have another?": PRICELESS. Now more than ever, students in my high school English classes need a safe, healthy escape from problems they face. On a recent survey, only 25% read for pleasure, something that increases success in school, assessments, and careers. I spend my own money to "hook" them into reading for pleasure. With the right book, I open the doors of opportunity for students. I am currently creating forms similar to "Recommended By" signs we see at video stores. On the paper, students will describe a recommended book; I plan to display these in the classroom or library so students can see what others suggest. I would use the $300 to reward the students who participate with coupons for our school's annual book fair. In addition, I'd like to create five book-themed baskets to give away by drawing names from the students who participate (one basket per section of English that I teach). Overall, this money would help encourage more students to read. More important, it would prevent me from having to break out into song Whitney Houston-style whenever my husband sees a box of books at the door: "I believe the children are our future..." It would prove that other people agree that students are worth it.
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