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Antigo classroom nomination

My class of 4th graders would love to get their hands into some goo, grow some snow, make thunder in a tube and so much more. What would it be like to see the germs on our hands? Ewwww! But way cool! I would use the $300 to purchase supplies from Steve Spangler Science Labs. This website has wonderful tools to use to engage the students in their learning. I've filled my shopping cart on the website with the following items totaling $297.15. I'm sure I could fill the remainder with something:) Large black lights, All About Air Classroom Kit, Rainbow Test Tube, Energy Bead Test Tube, Insta-Snow, Thunder Tube, Glitter Bug Lotion, Halloween Science Kit, and 2 large solar bags. Learning with our hands, eyes, and ears is so important than just sitting in the desk reading and taking notes. It would be great if we could add these items to our curriculum for the year and watch our minds grow.
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