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Sexy Halloween costumes for young girls

Sexy Halloween costumes for young girls

by Elizabeth Fay

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- Sexy Halloween costumes for ladies have become the norm, but nowadays it's not just adults dressing sexy. The sultry-trend is trickling down to young girls.

Newsline 9 took a look in the girls section at one Halloween retailer and found short skirts and belly-baring outfits.

One Halloween clerk, Teri Sawlsville says the "Mega Star" costume, a midriff-wearing diva, is a hit. "The younger girls like this one a lot. Your Pre-teens like the Britney Spears and your high school musical," says Sawlsville. The costume comes in sizes fit for girls as young as five.

Even some of the names of the costumes are sexual in nature. We found costumes like "the Sassy Pirate," "Bad spirit," and "Wicked Innocence."All are targeted for girls aged four to 12.

Some of the sexy costumes for adults also come in children's sizes like the "Naughty and Nice" outfit. "The naughty and nice was a popular one. It's half devil half angel. And we have that in the ladies and that was one of the ones that sold out first," says Sawlsville.

While the halloween industry is offering some sultry choices this year, Mom and Dad make the ultimate decision.

Online Reporter: Elizabeth Fay

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