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Wausau classroom nomination

Our 10th grade Science Team at Wausau West High School teaches a unit in that centers around identifying fake science vs. real science. We revisit these topics again 2nd semester when we talk about scientific discoveries. During these units we are constantly having the students make observations and inferences. Students must understand what the rules of science are and how to be skeptical of things that are in society that often present themselves as science but are really pseudoscience. We want to add a lab that is based on the board game CLUE. The objectives would be to actively engage observational and data collecting skills in the classroom. While playing CLUE participants must organize and collect accurate data. This would present an alternative way of practicing these skills for our sophomore students. We are trying to collect used CLUE games from our faculty haven't had any donations yet. We would like to purchase about 10-12 CLUE games (we often have 2 labs of 30 students running at the same time). With any extra funds we would like to work with students to design a Wausau West version of the game CLUE. Many people in our society struggle with being good observers and we are constantly searching for new ideas, labs, and methods to help our high school students improve these skills. We would greatly appreciate the $300 donation to further support our efforts with this plan. Thank you for the opportunity to apply for these funds.
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