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Halloween Safety Tips


by Melissa Langbehn 

WAUSAU (WAOW)--With Halloween knocking on the door, many people are turning their attention to safety. We're talking not just about safety for kids, but safety for homeowners.

We caught up with Lt. Dale Wisnewski of the Marathon County Sheriff's Department. He gave us a rundown of some tips you might want to keep in mind.

1.) Young children should not trick or treat alone. Parents should walk along with them so they don't dart in front of traffic. 

2.) Never go into a home to accept candy. Once you've received your treat, don't eat  it until an adult has checked it out. Anything which is unsealed or has a torn wrapper should be thrown out.

3.) Costumes: Use caution with masks. They can sometimes block vision. Dark clothing is very difficult for motorists to see. Long flowing costumes can cause your child to trip and fall. Carry a flashlight so others can see you, and you can see them.

4.) Decorations: If you have a  jack-o-lantern or luminaries lighting your walkway you should consider using mini light bulbs rather than lit candles. That way, if a child walks into it you reduce the fire hazard.

5.) Lighting: Use your house lights to make it easier for people approaching the door. Keep doorways clear.

6.) Clear sidewalks, so there are no walking hazards.

Obviously, many of these tips are common sense. But, a few minutes spent planning ahead of time, can help you avoid problems later.

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