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Family of Eau Claire man who was chained up says it was to protect him

EAU CLAIRE (WAOW)- An Eau Claire man says his mom chained up his brother, but says it happened once and was done to help the young man protect himself.

On Monday night, a developmentally disabled man walked into a convenience store with chains padlocked around his ankles.

The victim's mother, Mai Xiong, was arrested along with his father. Both could face false imprisonment charges.

The victim, Cheng Xiong, told police he'd been chained up by family members frequently. He also told them he was forced to sleep on the basement floor while being chained up. A search warrant shows police found evidence to support the allegations.

The victim's brother says their mother didn't know what she was doing. Phong Xiong says his brother is a threat to himself. He says his mother just started a new job and didn't know what to do to keep him from hurting himself or running away, so she chained him up when she left for work the other night.

Family friend, Pete Roller, said, "She had no idea she was doing anything wrong. I know for a fact that she wanted to protect her boy more than restrain him in any way."

Police have been called to their home on Davey Street a number of times in the past after Cheng has run off. Pete roller says Cheng's parents don't speak any English and have no education.

He says Cheng functions on about a third grade level, and makes up stories all the time. He also says Cheng sometimes has outbursts, but the mother won't get him help because she's worried she'll lose him forever. Cheng is currently with social services.

His parents are out of jail on bond. No charges are expected to be filed this week because the district attorney is out of the office.

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