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Class of Week 11/6: Jefferson Elementary, Merrill


by Natalie Sparacio

MERRILL (WAOW)-- Each week selected students at Jefferson Elementary in Merrill are chosen as Peacekeepers.

They're recognized for exceptional class work and behavior.

The Peacekeepers serve as leaders and set examples for their peers.

That's why the students at Jefferson, are Wake Up Wisconsin's, "Class of the Week".

Jefferson Elementary's Peacekeeper program is a unique way of teaching kids basic core values that stay with a person from childhood, to adulthood.

Karla Kroll, a 4th grade teacher at Jefferson says, "... they should be respectful, compassionate, honest and diligent... so we've gotten to the point where programs been going on three years so we're building up the vocabulary with the kids... of what it really means to be kind and caring."

For the past 3 years, students and faculty make a difference on a global and local level.

They raise money for UNICEF, hold jump rope for heart, and have food drives for the Lincoln County Humane Society.

Kroll says, "... we talk to kids all the time and say yes you're a peacekeeper within these walls but we're trying to encourage them to do things outside in the community as well... not just here at school."

Hannah, a 5th grade Peacekeeper says, "... it's really fun and you just gotta be nice to others and be a good role model, and be a good friend."

Bailey, a kindergartner, says, "... you have to be nice to different people and you have to help them learn stuff the teacher does... and we have to listen."

William, a third grader, says, "... it's kind of like that you have to be a good role model to everybody in the school and you're not supposed to fight and do everything that you're not supposed to technically about following the rules."

I had a chance to speak to this month's peacekeepers, they were attentive and proud of your peacekeeper status.

They've learned the importance of being compassionate to others... and demonstrate a mature sense of responsibility at a young age.

That's why these students are Wake Up Wisconsin's CLASS OF THE WEEK!!!!

Peacekeepers are nominated by their peers and teachers.

They receive a lot of recognition, they attend special guest luncheons, assemblies, and their picture is in the newsletter.

You can nominate student's who are making a difference for our Class of the Week segment.. by emailing

Online Reporter: Natalie Sparacio

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