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Someone You Should Know: Suchy Triplets


by Pam Warnke

SCHOFIELD (WAOW)-- A sign hanging in the Suchy home says it all.  It reads, "God doesn't give us what we can handle.  He helps us handle what we are given."

They are words to live by for this family, after a tumultuous year of early labor and premature health problems.

"I think the first four months of their life was just a struggle to stay alive.  I don't think without the NICU they would have made it," said John Suchy.

There were moments of grasping for hope, praying for answers and now finally laughter, after tears.

Adam, Logan and Timothy are growing big and strong.  Parents John and Tamara are providing the protection they need to get even stronger.

"People have been pretty good about it.  We have to really limit our visits here and even be very cautious when we take them out to take them to doctor visits.  We don't take them anywhere but to the doctor," said Tamara.

Doctors want the boys kept relatively isolated until their systems are strong enough to handle more exposure.

"Of course, we want them to get little colds eventually, but we're pretty protective of them now.  Doctors orders right now," John said.

Following their arrival home Adam and Timothy had hernia surgery.  Logan will wear this helmet for several more months to help with a mild scull deformity.

"He would always favor that side.  He would always lay on that side," said Tamara.

But for the most part the boys are developing like any babies would.  Timothy has already welcomed a tooth.  Adam's getting ready for his first one.  They love to play and eat.

"We go through about seven to eight bottles per day, per baby.  They get breast milk and a special formula.  For a little over a month now they've been getting cereal once a day, and now we just started them on vegetables," Tamara said.

The boys also go through their share of diapers.

Tamara said, "We go through about 25 diapers a day."

John and Tamara have feedings and changings down to a science.  They keep track of everything they do.  They both work outside the home so a nanny comes in several hours a day to help.

"The boys practically jump up and down when she comes here.  They love her," Tamara said.

It's the help this family needs to keep up a juggling act.  It's a juggling act they're only too happy to be taking part in, but it sometimes requires inspiration like that sign hanging in their home.

"It's important to have those things to go by because it's a handful when they're all crying.  And, then they look at you and smile and everythings fine," said John.

Online Reporter: Pam Warnke


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