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Why is Wisconsin Known for Cheese?


Cheese, it’s what many people think of when they think of Wisconsin but why?  For this week’s “Have you ever wondered?”, I checked out a local cheese plant that has been family owned through four generations.  Mullins has been around for almost 40 years and is still operated by two sons.  For more information check out “Why is Wisconsin Known for Cheese?”

 Wisconsin began producing cheese back in the 1800’s when dairy farmers had excess top quality milk.  In order to preserve the milk they made cheese out of it.  Still to this day, it is the dairy industry that keeps the Wisconsin cheese plants in business.  In 1945 there were more than 1500 cheese factories; that number has decreased to around 115 plants.  Where do they get their milk? There are approximately 15,000 dairy farms, with over 1.2 million cows that produce an average of 18,850 pounds of milk each year! The cheese makers use almost 90% of that milk. That’s a lot of cheese!  

Meteorologist Kristen Connolly

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