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UPDATE: Lockdown at a Beloit elementary school

BELOIT (WKOW) -- Beloit Police are investigating the shooting death of a 22 year old man killed near an elementary school.

Officers have identified Derick Kimber as the victim in the shooting.  An autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow morning in Madison, while the Rock County Coroner assists in the investigation.

Preliminary investigation indicates that the vehicle crash was secondary to the shooting. 

Beloit Police have identified a suspect in the shooting, but that person has not been located.  Police are still looking for additional suspects.

The second victim, who was injured in the shooting, is a 24 year old from the Chicago area.  He was staying in Beloit at the time. 

The lock-down at Merrill Elementary School was called off by the end of the school day, and no one was injured.

A couple cars were damaged in the crash.

This shooting represents the fifth homicide in the city this year.

Online reporting by Thomas Strieker.


BELOIT (WKOW) -- Police are investigating a daytime shooting.

Beloit Police say they received reports of multiple gunshots near the intersection of Porter and Randall in Beloit.  Seconds later, there was a report of a vehicle involved in a parking lot crash near Porter and Copeland Avenue.

Police found a 22-year-old subject of a shooting crashed in the parking lot of Merrill Elementary School.  The school was immediately locked down by school officials.

The person in the crashed vehicle was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Another person was taken from the Porter and Randall area to the hospital with non-life threatening gun shot wounds.

Police say the connection between the person in the vehicle and the one with gun shot wounds is unknown at this time.

If anyone has information about the incident they are asked to call the Beloit Police Department Detective Bureau at 364-6800 or Crime Stoppers at 362-7463.


Press Release from Beloit School District:

Early this afternoon, a shooting occurred in a Beloit neighborhood several blocks away from Merrill Elementary School.  Though no children or School District staff members were injured as a result of these events, a vehicle allegedly involved in the incident damaged several cars within the Merrill staff parking lot.   The school was immediately placed in a lockdown status after being notified by police of these events in accordance with standard emergency procedures.  School officials contacted parents and advised them that they could retrieve their children if they wished. 

Like many of our primary schools, Merrill Elementary is an integral part of the local neighborhood fabric.  When tragic incidents like this occur, we are reminded of the fragility of that relationship and the need to remain focused on our primary responsibility; that being the physical safety of our students and staff. 


BELOIT (WKOW) -- Beloit school officials say Merrill Elementary school went into lockdown around 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday.

School officials say shots were fired about a block away from the school which is located at 1333 Copeland Ave in Beloit, and one of the vehicles involved in the shooting drove into the school's parking lot.

Parents are allowed to pick up their children. They are asked to use the front entrance.  All other students will remain at school until Beloit Police decide it is safe to leave.

Police are still looking for the suspect(s) in the shooting.

Online reporting by Breann Bierman

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