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Ice shanties roll out in local parade

Ice shanties roll out in local parade



by Elizabeth Fay

EAGLE RIVER (WAOW)--Kids were wide-eyed at Eagle River's annual Christmas Parade.

"[The best part is] the children, just the awe and the wonder and seeing Santa and getting their lists ready and it's a yearly thing and everybody looks forward to it," says Katie Hayes who coordinated the parade.

Papa Noel and his furry crew arguably stole the show, but this year, Santa had stiff competition.

For the first time ever, themed fishing shelters rolled down Wall Street.

"I've never seen a parade with ice shanties before, so that was a different twist for me," says Gina Ewert who attended the parade with her sons.

Several fisherman decked out their huts to take the title in the ice shanty contest.

"I think there was a lot of competition, I know there was a lot of smack talk the week before about whose going to be the best! " says Hayes.

"Mickey Mouse may win, 'cause the kids liked him the most. If the kids get to vote, it's that to win," says parade attendee, Lisa Longmeyer.

The elaborate shanties amazed one youngster. Aaron Ewert says, "I haven't seen one up close, so I didn't know if they were just wood or a little tent that they used."

The runner-up shanty is complete with a furnace, table and even twin toilets. The Mickey Mouse shanty took first place. It's big enough for the owner, his kids and a Christmas tree.

Online Reporter: Elizabeth Fay


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