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Could X-Ray scanners at airports be harmful?

by Cami Mountain

NATIONAL (WAOW) -- There's word this morning that more full-body scanners are on their way to airports across the nation, in hopes of preventing an explosive-laden terrorist from boarding a plane.

But is the radiation they use like an unnecessary X-Ray?




e.. Most of these scanners do indeed use x-rays to look for objects hidden under clothes.





Exposure to x-ray radiation can increase the risk of cancer.. but the machine's manufacturers.. and an independent study.. say the scanners pose little risk.




"" Peter Kant/Rapiscan "It is 100% safe for pregnant women, the elderly, small children. My own children have gone through this system."




The manufacturers say most of the radition does not enter the body.. but bounces off the skin's surface.


But some scientists disagree.. and are urging parents to use caution with these scanners and their children -- saying kids are more sensitive than adults to radiation.

Still.. the government insists the machines are safe for all.







Another issue is privacy.



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