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Proper prescription pill disposal

Proper prescription pill disposal


by Elizabeth Fay

TOMAHAWK (WAOW)--Tomahawk Middle School students are doing their part to stop drug abuse. They're assembling bottles for prescription pill disposal. The students label plastic bottles and fill them with concrete mix.It makes proper disposal easy.

"Drop their pills in there and add some water. You just add enough water to make it kind of like a pancake batter, stir it up, as the concrete sets, then those drugs are encased in concrete so they can't be taken by someone who shouldn't be taking them, " saysTomahawk Middle School teacher, Deb Overhaug.

The bottles can then be thrown in the garbage. They will be distributed to various businesses in the community for public use.

This is part of the Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse program. Teachers say it makes the students aware of the problem with prescription pill abuse.

Online Reporter: Elizabeth Fay

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