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Packers postgame comments after the playoff loss to Arizona


By Russ Owens

PHOENIX (WAOW)-  Says Aaron Rodgers, "You know its disappointing, anytime you're going home. Right now we had the goal of playing in the Super Bowl obviously and this was one step in the journey, but you gotta give those guys credit, they had a good plan for us and they scored more points than us today."

Says Mike McCarthy, "Oh it's a tough loss, I mean it's clearly the toughest loss I've ever been a part of, definitely wanna congratulate the Arizona Cardinals, I mean what a great win for them. We came in here and knew we'd playing uphill with the home field, they came out with a lot of energy and we didn't handle the surge."

Says Charles Woodson, "It's hard, again you get into the playoffs to give yourself an opportunity and you go out in the first round. The day just started out bad and we find ourselves trying to fight from behind but sometimes its just hard to fight back against a good team like that."

And Charles Woodson was a part of that defense which was torched by quarterback Kurt Warner who threw more touchdowns that incompletions with five scores through the air.

Says Cullen Jenkins, "Yeah, they did a good job of everything, I don't know what they're final number would be yardage-wise but it just seemed like they went up and down the field on us."

Says Woodson, "You can blame it on missed assignments, missed tackles and that sort of thing."

Says Tramon Williams, "The basic thing was they got their running game going, and once that happened, they were able to dink and dunk, and their offense was working to perfection so it was tough."

Says AJ Hawk, "They had a good game plan coming in, they made a lot of plays, Warner got rid of the ball really quick, we knew he was gonna do that coming in but I think they just executed, they showed a few things they didn't last week, but we still had to stop it, and it was one of those days with high scoring, the offense, what they did to keep us in it, but I think we just let them down tonight."

Online Reporter- Russ Owens

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