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NTC Haitian students lean on friends

NTC Haitian students lean on friends


by Elizabeth Fay

WAUSAU (WAOW)-- At a time when words don't come easily, Northcentral Technical College students turn to prayer. "You know that time is a valuable thing, and the only thing you can do is pray," says student, Luis Navarro.

He and other NTC international students filled the altar at Wesley United Methodist Church to comfort their Haitian friends during this catastrophic time. They offered support as friends wait for contact with their families in Haiti.

"The best way to contact to somebody is Internet and my family doesn't have Internet," explains Haitian student Eliseo Lacossiere.

Erode Laborde is one of the lucky few who've made a connection. His brother messaged him today. "This morning he text me back and told me they are fine. They don't have house now, they just outside, they can't even eat because even though they find some food, it's too hard for them...what they seen, what they heard," says Laborde.

Laborde avoids television. He fears he'll see a loved one suffering. Lacossiere, however, says he stays up at night watching for the latest news.

"I'm Haitian and I care about them and I know how that hurt them," adds Lacossiere. The disturbing images he sees on television tears him apart.

"They cannot find anyone to take care of them because there's no hospital there. Some of them die because they cannot find even water to drink and even food to eat," says Lacossiere.

Port-au-Prince is the largest city in Haiti. "This is in Port-au-prince to see TV, This is in Port-au-Prince to have Internet, this is Port-au-Prince you can have transportation easier," says Laborde.

Laborde received a text from a friend in Haiti who summed up the loss. "We don't have Haiti, we don't have Haiti anymore," he says.

But the Haitian students have their friends and they say, it brings them comfort. "I didn't expect that if something happened to me, I would have so much people, so many people to care about us," says Laborde.

Online Reporter: Elizabeth Fay

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