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Thorp man throws hat in political ring


THORP (WQOW) – He's a veteran, an author and now a candidate for governor. A 74-year-old man is throwing his hat into the ring to be the next governor of Wisconsin.

Phil Miller has worn many hats in his life: war veteran, accountant, business owner, pilot and author, just to name a few. He's hoping to add one more to that list: Governor of Wisconsin.

"My real qualification to be a governor is that I'm a business manager, I'm not a politician. And I know how to run a business. We have the largest business there is called the state of Wisconsin that's not being managed," says Phil Miller.

Miller, who's running as a Republican, says the state drags its feet too much on major issues. For instance, one recent proposal to add thousands of green jobs by 2025 has Miller wondering: why can't we produce those jobs sooner? He vows to run the state as a business, with the emphasis on creating jobs now instead of letting the political process slow things down.

"I'm going to be the CEO. The legislature is going to be the board of directors. And the voters are the stockholders," adds Miller.

Miller has survived bypass surgery, and more recently, a bout with cancer. He says there are plenty of reasons for him not to run, but it's the inspiration of his late wife that kept him going.

"I can kind of hear her saying: ' Give something back. C'mon, give your talents back. Help these people out. Let them have fun like you do," says Miller.

Miller acknowledges he might not have the name recognition of some of the other candidates.

"I said Mike, will you support me for governor? And he started to laugh. He said you're never going to become governor. He's a friend, I really like him. But I think the voters are going to prove his statement to be wrong," adds Miller.

If so, the story of this 74-year-old from Thorp my be only beginning.

Of the 19 candidates for governor so far, there are eight Republicans, six Democrats, and five Independents.

Online Reporter:  Cami Mountain

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