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More troops headed to Haiti


PORT-AU-PRINCE -- Another devastating hit to the country of Haiti, when nature struck a second time, Wednesday.  This time with a powerful aftershock, one that re-awakened the terror of last week's earthquake.

There's actually been about 40 aftershocks since last week's earthquake, but yesterday's was by far the most powerful..


It collapsed at least seven buildings in a seaside town near the epicenter and sent Haitians running and screaming into the streets.

Millions of Haitians continue to wait for life's basic needs; food, water and medical care.

Now, they also wait in fear of more aftershocks.  The 5.9 aftershock has made rescue efforts more difficult.  Crews are still finding survivors trapped in the rubble since last Tuesday's earthquake.

The Pentagon orders another 2,000 Marines to Haiti, diverting troops that were on their way to serve in the Persian Gulf and Africa.

Navy officials announced, the three-ship USS Nassau Amphibious Ready Group left Norfolk, Virginia for Haiti to work on the earthquake relief efforts.


The group is picking up Marines along the way in North Carolina and will include 2,000 sailors and 2,000 Marines.  The first group of 2,000 Marines already is on land helping deliver aid.

A Pentagon official says there are some 11,500 US military personnel in Haiti or offshore and a total of 16,000 are expected by week's end.

President Barack Obama says the U.S. wants to help rebuild Haiti but not take it over.  Obama tells ABC News that it helps America's image to use power in ways that don't involve wars.  He also says the aid effort improves national security.

Online Reporter:  Cami Mountain

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