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Someone You Should Know: Jackie Hoffman


by Pam Warnke

MILLADORE (WAOW)-- Jackie Hoffman knows how to get a job done, and she knows how to do it alone.

"I like working independent.. too independent."

In the late 80s, shortly following high school, she was gaining experience helping on other farms and on her parents, but she wanted her own.

"So I told my Mom and Dad that I wanted my own so I would give them so many days to move off.  I said we had to make decisions to do that," said Hoffman.

Hoffman, 46, works the land and cares for the animals mostly by herself.  She milks 40 cows twice a day, and her work extends far beyond the parlor.

"I go down their, feed them grain and stuff.  I make sure everything is healthy.  Calves are always being born," she said.

The week we visit, Hoffman is expecting several births to add to the nine calves she already cares for.  Hoffman also has pigs.  While she keeps some of the livestock, she sells many others to other farms.  And, when she's not with the animals she's working the field.  132 acres with minimal help from others.  The summers are long hours.  Hoffmanoften working into the night.  What there is of downtime is spent making repairs even climbing high by herself.

"I do the silo repairs, most of them, unless it's major and then I have someone come out.  But I climb the silos and do a lot of my own fixing.  I weld," she said.

Hoffman says she's lucky that her brothers and some friends pitch in when she's in a bind.  It's a tough career to go at alone, but Jackie doesn't make you feel that way when she talks about her only two days off in the past year.  She makes you feel like she loves her life and feels fortunate for everything in it.

"I just appreciate what I have.  We have a lot to be thankful for.  Everybody wants more and more and more.  I think we should quit and look at what we have and be thankful.  I'm thankful for what I have," she said.

Online Reporter: Pam Warnke




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