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Take on a challenge...sled hockey!

Take on a challenge...sled hockey!

by Elizabeth Fay

WESTON (WAOW)--It's the only sled hockey team in the state. The Wisconsin Warriors hit the ice in Weston, on Saturday. Many of the players traded their wheelchairs for hockey sleds.

They're a team of kids with lower body disabilities who take on teams of able-bodied athletes. Once they hit the ice its hard to tell which team is which. Their disabilities seems to disappear.

"They like going out there and showing them what they can do and have the other team not look at their disability but what they can do," says a players mother, Aimie Eckleberg.

Athletes as young as first graders and as old as seniors in high school play on the team.The assistant coach says it's not unusual for them to dominate against able-bodied kids. Using a wheelchair helped many Warriors develop strong upper bodies.

The Wisconsin Warriors are looking for regular hockey teams to share ice time with them. If you're team shares the ice, they say they'll provide the sleds.

Online Reporter: Elizabeth Fay

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