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Greg Gubernot will stand trial in murder case


EAU CLAIRE (WQOW) - An Altoona man accused of murdering his girlfriend has been ordered to stand trial. Greg Gubernot was in court today. 

Gubernot is accused of killing Theresa Still last month and hiding her body in Adams County.  The Altoona mother was 43.

The prosecutor questioned witness after witness at the preliminary hearing with the intention of sending this murder case to trial.

Prosecutors believe what happened during Theresa's final hours are the key to finding out why she was killed.

Rich White, the District Attorney: "Did he say whether there was any sort of disagreement or argument between the two of them before she had left that final time?"

Charles Wysocky, of the Altoona Police Department: "Yes."

White: "What did he say?"

Wysocky: "He said she was upset about him going to a friends house and drinking."

Messages left by Greg Gubernot on Theresa's cell phone that night were submitted to the court Tuesday afternoon.

Rich White: "Describe Mr. Gubernot's tone of voice during those messages."

Officer Scott Kelley, of the Altoona Police Department: "I would say angry."

"These things are never easy, both in terms of evidentiary issues and the emotional issues involved with trials of this nature," says Rich White

Prosecutors also questioned the medical examiner that performed the autopsy on Theresa Still by phone. He said she was beaten and strangled to death.

"She had blunt force injuries, in the form of contusions to her head," said Dr. Robert Corliss, of the University of Wisconsin Hospital.

After more than an hour, the judge decided the state had enough evidence against Greg Gubernot for him to stand trial. But the District Attorney cautions that this case is far from over.

"Because it's a case that involves many different facets of information and evidence, it's a case that could take a while," says Rich White.

Theresa's family was in court Tuesday afternoon, but declined to comment. Gubernot's attorney is also not taking any questions at this time. He could avoid going to trial if there's a plea bargain.

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