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Pet Pause: Grooming long and short haired cats


by Natalie Sparacio & Dolores Glytas

WAKE UP WISCONSIN (WAOW)--  Every Wednesday on Wake Up Wisconsin, we talk about a different pet "issue". This week, our focus is on the importance of grooming cats.

The Importance of Grooming our Cats

Q. Don't cats groom themselves? Why do we need to groom them?

A.  Grooming is another way for us to keep our pets healthy and a great way for us to bond with our pets especially if we groom them.  This way we are always checking their body for any abnormalities.

Q.  Are there certain breeds that need more grooming than others?

A.  Absolutely,  short haired cats need less intense grooming than long haired cats. 

Q. What about their nails, doesn't a scratching post take care of that?

A. A cat's nail is somewhat like an onion – it grows in layers. The post helps the outer layer of the nail to come off, thus exposing a new and sharp if you want to get rid of the sharpness you really need to cut them. As soon as you get your cat part of your petting routine should be softly rubbing or handling their paws. This way they will get used to your handling and it will be easier to cut their nails.

Q.  What type of grooming supplies do we need?

A.   Shampoo, different brushes/combs, nail clippers

Online Reporter: Natalie Sparacio





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