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Class of the Week 2/5: Almond Bancroft Elementary School

by Natalie Sparacio

ALMOND (WAOW)--  The weekly spelling tests in Mrs. Wimme's and Blockhuis's 2nd and 3rd grade classes at Almond Bancroft Elementary took on a whole new meaning, after an anonymous donor promised to give $2 to the Red Cross, for every spelling word the kids got right.

Ms. Wimme says, "... they were very excited and everyday they would remind me... we have to keep studying these words so we do well .. and they were just really excited. Then, they were talking about ways the people would be able to use the money."

On the day of the test, the teachers talked with students about the magnitude of the quake  and the devastation it left behind.

Wimme says, "... I said just think maybe this money would buy food for a family tonight or maybe something for them to wear or water for them... so, the kids were talking about how much money it costs to go to McDonalds for a meal, and the comparison of what it could do for a family."

The kids ended up spelling 250 words right, in turn collecting $500 for earthquake relief.

Cauy, a 2nd grader, says, "... we worked very hard because we only had one week to do it, so we practiced more than usual... we had to take a big paper home and keep writing our spelling words down... so we worked pretty hard."

Cassie, a 2nd grader, says, "... it feels kind of great because I think I got all my spelling words right, I practiced a lot."

The kids not only took the charity effort seriously, but also understand the need for help in Haiti.

Sydney, a 3rd grader, says, "... I wanted to do really well on my spelling test because I really wanted Haiti to feel great, and I hope everyone in Haiti knows we care about them.. and every state in the whole wide world even if we're fighting in war... that we still care about them."

Noah, a 3rd grader says,"... I really think we did a lot... I just think we did great, for other schools just keep going.. keep raising money for Haiti."

In one week's time, these kids focused on using their studies to make a difference.

Their efforts to excel and reach out to those in need are admirable and that's why they're this week's CLASS OF THE WEEK!!!

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Online Reporter: Natalie Sparacio


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