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Students find a sweet way to help those in Haiti


By Heather Sawaski

MEDFORD (WAOW) -- During lunch hour, 2nd graders from Medford Elementary were the ones doing the serving.

"We're trying to raise money for Haiti because we feel that they should have some of the stuff we have," said Cassidy Balciar.

And what better way than with some sweet treats. They sold cookies and lemonade to their classmates. It's a project called "Help For Haiti." Parents and staff donated more than 200 dozen cookies, and there didn't seem to be any shortage of little mouths waiting to eat them up.

Teachers say it's a great way to get the whole school involved in a project with so many hidden lessons.

"That just amazed us," said teacher Margo Swedlund. "We did math lessons with how many dozen cookies that really meant. We learned about Haiti, about earthquakes, and getting people involved."

Each student had their own job. Everything from handing out treats to pouring the drinks. There was even a cheering section.

"We of course can't take the field trip down to Haiti like they would like to," Swedlund said. "But we can make a difference in those families lives and those kids lives that are down there."

It's a small gesture, but these kids are learning that every little bit helps in times of need.

"If you raise the money," said 2nd grader Cade Shipman. "then they'll have enough stuff to buy enough food to help Haiti."

The proceeds from the sale will go to the Red Cross fund for Haiti relief. The class hopes to bring in around $600.

Online Reporter: Heather Sawaski

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