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Someone You Should Know: Otto and Katherine Holtz


by Pam Warnke

RIB MOUNTAIN (WAOW)-- Long after the vows. Long after the matrimony.  A long, long time after for a Rib Mountain couple.

Otto and Katy Holtz are marking 75 years of marriage this February.

Now 95 and 96, they celebrate with friends and family.  The pair met as youngsters growing up in the Town of Texas.  At about 16-years-old they started to get, what they call, more chummy.  Just a few years later, at 20 and 22, they got married.

"Oh, I always liked him, but he didn't see me right away.  He was after the girls.  He was always after the women," said Katy Holtz.

Their lives together emcompass decades of memories.  The couple had two boys and a girl.  

Katy's love for gardening.

"I look at the gardening books and when I see something new, I gotta have it," she said.

Her talent for baking.

She said, "Yeah, he can't eat unless there's a cookie in his hand."

But she mostly does it for the couple's 8 grandchildren now.

"I bake all the time for the grandkids," Katy said.

Otto started running marathons in his 60s when he was sick and doctors couldn't help him.

He said, "I got a Prevention Magazine in the mail, and I started reading the cases like me.  I thought why couldn't I do that?  So, I started running a quarter of a mile.  Finally, I got up so I was running 50 miles a week for year round."

Otto entered 10-k races, a few marathons.  He picked up Katy as a partner and jogged right into his 80s. The pair has been at high speeds most of their lives.  His love for driving fast put him in the drivers seat to build State Park Speedway.  It started with friends having nowhere to race their go-carts and became SPS.

He said, "So we started building that little track, and then, of course, we built the quarter of a mile at the same time."

And his love affair with not only Katy, but cars continues to this day.

Katy say, "He's still a good driver.  I sit next to him, and he still knows his way around."

Online Reporter: Pam Warnke








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