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Stevens Point Woman Loses Thousands to Granny Scam

Stevens Point Woman Loses Thousands to Granny Scam


by Elizabeth Fay

STEVENS POINT(WAOW)--A Stevens Point grandmother loses thousands of dollars...after falling victim to a scam artist.

It's known as the Granny Scam. A phoney caller acts as a relative. They say they're in trouble and ask for money.
That's exactly what happened to Carol Pieczynski.

She received a phone call from someone she thought was her grandson, Kyle. Actually, it was a stranger in England.
The scam artist told Pieczynski that he needed $3,000 to be bailed out of jail.
He told her to keep it a secret.
When she hesitated to agree, the phoney grandson begged.

"He said please Grandma, please please, I need it. Please! and then he started to cry, " says Pieczynski

So, she sent the money.
The next day, the scam artist called again asking for another $3,000.
Once again, she headed to the bank to take out the money.
That's when the bank teller noticed something wrong.
The teller encouraged Pieczynski to contact her daughter, Kyle's mother.

Her daughter immediately called Kyle and asked, "Physically, where are you right now? And he's like, in my apartment in Milwaukee. And I'm like, oh my god, Grandma got scammed," says Shawn Zoromski.

"I felt really bad that I would fall for something, I know better," says Pieczynski.

Three thousand dollars later, Pieczynski wants others to be prepared for scam artists..

Police say get the facts before sending money.
Call a relative to confirm the story and when in doubt, call the police.

"Law enforcement agencies can contact any law enforcement agency in the country and probably in the world to find out if that person is in custody, and then they'll have official confirmation," explains Sgt. Mike Retzki of the Stevens Point Police Department.

Online Reporter: Elizabeth Fay

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