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Class of the Week: 2/19 St. Joseph's School, Stratford


by Natalie Sparacio

STRATFORD (WAOW)--  Back in January, we spoke with members of Living Well Faith Community Church. They spent a week building a security wall for an orphanage just outside of Jacmel when the earthquake destroyed their work.

That story prompted students and teachers at St. Joseph's in Stratford to call and see if they could make fleece blankets for the next mission trip.

Pastor Harvey Matson says, "... we might think how does that change the whole nation... well it doesn't... but it starts to change .. it changes the nation by touching one person at a time and the children are the ones who take the hardest hit of anyone in these calamities... so it's really special to have these children doing something for those children, 2,100 miles away."

From kindergartners to 8th graders, the entire school helped make the blankets for kids at the "Orphanage by Faith", a place that used to feed 32 mouths a day, and now feeds 75.

Pastor Harvey says, "... so now that this building has been damaged beyond repair... we're going to go in and push over whatever walls are standing... and actually expand it to be an orphanage for 100 people."

A project that's going to take 6 different teams of people... 6 months to complete.

Pastor Harvey says we often hear of natural disasters, but knowing people firsthand who live amongst all the devastation, is a unique experience.

Pastor Harvey says, "... earthquakes happen, tsunami's happen all over the world but it's really different when they happen to a country ... with people you just met and just started building a relationship with. So going back there, and hugging them and saying hi to them...and actually see that they're doing well and help them to get back on their feet."

The students feel proud that when Pastor Harvey and his mission group arrive in Haiti, they'll hand out their blankets.

Pastor Harvey said he can't even begin to imagine what it's going to feel like to hand over a blanket to a Haitian orphan that's been made by a student in Wisconsin.

These students heard others were in need, and did all they could to let earthquake victims know, they're not forgotten.

Not only will the blankets keep the orphans warm at night, they're sure to warm their hearts as well, and that's why they're this weeks, Class of the Week.

Pastor Harvey and his mission group leave for Haiti this morning at 11.

As of today, $5,5000 has come in from our viewers,  to help rebuild the orphanage.

Organizers still need about $5,000 more.

If anyone would like to give, send donations to:

Living Well Faith Community

P.O. Box 126

Wausau, WI 54402

 Just write Haiti Relief on the memo line and we will apply it directly to the orphanage rebuild efforts in Jacmel, Haiti.


If you'd like to nominate students who go above and beyond, whether it's in the classroom or out in the community, email us at

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