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New law toughens standards on martial arts instructors

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WAUSAU (WAOW)--  Representative Marlin Schneider co-sponsored the new law that requires background checks, licensing and periodic audits of martial arts instructors.  The Wisconsin Rapids Democrat says the bill is not a response to a particular incident in Wisconsin rather he wrote it in response to concerns from constituents about potential abuse.

"The bill is designed to protect children from the potential for abuse by some martial arts instructors.  Those are of course few and far between.  Most of these people are very good but there have been instances around the country where there has been sexual assaults on children by some of these instructors," said  Rep. Marlin Schneider.

Wausau master instructor Nathan Halama says it won't change his business much.  He's already certified as a master taekwondo instructor by an international board and criminal activity is strictly against those international standards.  Halama says this new law is good idea because it, like martial arts, prioritizes safety.

"You don't want to go somewhere and not be safe.  That's the point of the martial arts is to be safe.  It's to ultimately go in and learn how to be safe from other people.  No go some place and possibly be in danger while you're in class.  That's the exact opposite of what we're trying to do," said Halama.

Online Reporter: Pam Warnke

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