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Bill to change gun laws

Bill to change gun laws

by Elizabeth Fay

WISCONSIN (WAOW)--Under current Wisconsin law, no one can transport a firearm unless it's unloaded and stored in a gun case. A new bill calls for eliminating those case requirement for firearms.

Senator Decker says Wisconsin Hunters deserve the change. "I think Wisconsin Sportsman have proven that they are reliable, they are responsible and they are very safe whether they are in the woods or transporting their firearms," Senator Decker.

That's why he authored the bill to eliminate the casing requirement. "What we want to do is half and hour before season, you could have your gun unloaded and uncased in a vehicle if its out of arms reach like if its in a trunk car, in a pick up bed," says Sen. Decker.

He says because the law would still require that the gun is unloaded, there are no safety concerns.

The Range Master of Marathon County, Thomas Gwidt disagrees. He says the case requirement helps prevent adults and especially kids from accidentally firing a gun.

He adds that people might get lazy or press the law's limits. "Not all people are going to take it completely empty. They are going to probably take the one of the chamber but not necessarily all the ammunition out of the tube magazine," say Gwidt.

Some officials from the DNR say the case requirement also helps prevent road hunting.

"If People are driving down the road and they happen to have their gun in their hand, some people might yield to that temptation.

Where as if your fire arm is in the case, the temptation may pass and we won't have people making mistakes," Randy Stark from the DNR.

This bill would also eliminate the requirement that people must unstring or case crossbows and bows when they're transporting them.

The state Senate is set to consider the bill next Tuesday.

Online Reporter: Elizabeth Fay

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