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Plastic bags in US -- to pay or not to pay?


WASHINGTON (AP) -- A lot of eyes are on Washington's first of its kind law charging customers for plastic bags at grocery and other stores.

Activists hope that one strong success will prove the tipping point for a program aimed at reducing litter, pollution and waste.

The issue has sparked debate and many shoppers would rather juggle items in their arms or drive to stores in neighboring states where bags are still free.

Europeans have long accepted the idea of providing their own containers for purchases, or paying for bags. The free bag has been largely taken for granted in the U.S.

Some Washington residents embrace it. Twana Littlejohn says she feels good knowing that she's doing something for the planet her grandchildren will inherit.

Others have a different view. Daniel Koroma says stores "sell you the groceries, they should give you something to put them in."

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