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Ogema classroom nomination

As a kindergarten teacher, I know how important it is for my students to hear fluent reading daily. I accomplish this through a variety of methods, one of them being a listening center where my students listen to books on tape or CD. However, the current technology limits my students to one area of the room and only certain books. I would be interested in using the $300 to purchase MP3 players for use in the classroom listening center. These would allow students more independence in choosing books to listen to and mobility for choosing a space to work. In addition, it would create more space in our classroom because we wouldn't be hindered by large CD players, headphone ports, tables, etc. In combination with a free online voice recording program, Audacity, I could record any books the students or I choose and transfer those recordings to the MP3 players. Essentially our listening library could become limitless. Which, especially in a time when we are all so limited financially, is a wonderful thing.

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