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Senator Decker reacts to gun case bill passage


MADISON (PRESS RELEASE)--A bill to bring some common sense to hunting rules was passed by the State Senate today. The author of the bill, Senator Russ Decker (D-Weston), said it will bring the rules in line with how hunting is really done.

"Hunters frequently make short trips to get to a different hunting spot or take a deer back to camp. It's just not necessary to put an unloaded rifle or bow in a case for a move over to a new hunting spot," said Decker.

Under the bill, bows and crossbows don't need to be encased as long as they are not armed with an arrow and certain unloaded, uncased firearms can be transported. To address the concerns of some sheriffs, only long rifles and shotguns 26 inches or longer may be transported.

"When I was putting this bill together, I spoke to numerous conservation wardens from states that don't require hunters to case their guns and bows. They said hunters have proven to be safe and responsible," said Decker.

Numerous updates to the group hunting rules are also included in SB 222. It eliminates the requirement that members of hunting group be in visual or voice contact, extends the time that a group member may tag a deer to within one hour and allows deer to be field dressed before being tagged by a group member.

Under the bill, guns will still need to be unloaded while being transported.

"Wisconsin hunters have proven time and time again that they are responsible and safe when in the woods," said Decker.

The bill is SB 222 and it now heads to the Assembly for consideration. It is supported by the Wisconsin Professional Police Association, the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, The U.S. Sportsmen Alliance, the Wisconsin Chapter of Safari Club International and the Hunters Rights Coalition.

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