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DEVELOPING: Locked in but not locked out


by Colby Robertson

ANTIGO (WAOW) -- Scott Tatro's story is one of strength, courage and determination. Tatro, 51 of Antigo, suffers from an extremely rare condition called Locked-In Syndrome.

Back in 2000, Tatro visited a chiropractor for treatment. After a couple treatments he suffered a brain stem stroke that resulted in Locked-In Syndrome.

Scott's wife, Ann says, "Locked in can result in a Locked-In Syndrome and she explained as your mind is there, but it's locked in your body. Your mind is working, but you can't make anything else in your body work. Your hands won't work, nothing. You have complete feeling, but you can't make anything work."

For the past eight years, he's used a headstick to write his story on a computer. Now, Locked-In, is a published book.

Coming up tonight on Newsline 9 at 5, 6 and 10 we'll share Scott Tatro's story.

Online Reporter: Colby Robertson

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