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Search for a missing Antigo teen goes nationwide


by Colby Robertson

ANTIGO (WAOW) -- The disappearance of a missing Antigo teen continues to baffle investigators even after the case gets national attention.

Kayla Berg was last seen August 11th after she was dropped off by a friend near an abandoned house in Wausau. this past weekend Kayla's story aired on America's Most Wanted. But, investigators are still frustrated that nothing substantial has panned out.

The search for 16-year-old Kayla Berg still going strong. Signs posted throughout the community, in gas stations and businesses. Large banners line the main streets of Antigo but there's still no sign of the teen missing now for nearly seven months.

Antigo Police Chief Eric Roller says, "We really don't have any solid anything from day one. When we first started looking into this we don't have a solid that something drastic happened, that something good is okay with her we just don't have anything so we can't really focus on one area or the other and say okay this is what we're going to do."

Their latest effort, putting her face and story on America's Most Wanted. It was a short 10 second clip, but for Kayla's mom seeing her daughter on national television is exactly what she was hoping for.

Kayla's mom Hope Sprenger says, "It's 5-8 seconds she probably would have never had at any other point. To me it's very exciting. It brought more hope into my feelings."

Since that aired, Police say they've gotten a few calls. The tips coming from all over the country.

Chief Roller says, "We're getting it from all corners of the United States. We're getting it from one coast to the next, from the north to the south, everywhere that we're getting the tips and a lot of them are the sightings someone that looks similar to Kayla's picture was spotted here or spotted there."

He says it's of course a good thing people are calling but it's frustrating for police because they have nowhere to focus their search. Kayla could still be anywhere.

Sprenger says, "I'm just hoping she's found. I don't really feel she's in the area anymore where she could be? Who knows, but the more I can get out the better in my point of view."

The man who drove Kayla to the home in Wausau is Kevin Kielcheski. He was arrested in connection to the case, but says he has no idea where she is or if she made it into the house that night. Kielcheski is back in court March 4th, charged with recklessly endangering safety.

If anyone has any information about the disappearance of Kayla Berg call (715) 627-6411.

Online Reporter: Colby Robertson

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