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Small size, big performance

By Heather Sawaski

RIB MOUNTAIN (WAOW) -- It was a beautiful day for a drive Saturday. But some people in Wausau opted for a spin indoors. The Wausau Remote Control Racers club sponsored it's first oval race event. 

Father and son racers Larry and Dana Basinski were in pursuit of the checkered flag. Remote control racing has been a hobby of theirs for more than 6 years now.

"We looked at it and thought wow this is neat, we should try this sometime," Larry explained. "And all of sudden I looked and my son was driving a car that someone let him use in the field. And that's all it took. I saw him driving it, so I asked the guy if I could take a spin. We were hooked instantly."

"I have a lot of friends in it and I know a lot of people at the tracks we go to and it's always a fun competition," Dana said.

The pair was in town from Plover for the Wausau R/C Racer's first ever Oval Shootout Challenge. The cars may look like toys. But at speeds upwards of 60 miles and hour, the sport really packs a punch.

"The toy you had when you were a kid does not really apply here," said owner Greg Blount. "The cars that are here actually are race machines. A lot of guys come in and they spend a lot of time and money setting these things up to be the fastest they can be."

"It's a set-up thing to try and get them to go around the track as fast as you can," commented driver Jason Dorney. "It's kind of like watching the off road races on TV or going down to the state park and watching the oval races there."

And drivers say the best part is that anyone can do it.

But when it comes to competition, for Larry and Dana, it's every man for himself.

"We're in the same class most of the time," said Larry. "Many times he'll be right behind me or right ahead of me. I try to stay ahead of him but he's getting better!"

Wausau R/C Racers hosts events 3 nights a week. Click here for more information.

Online Reporter: Heather Sawaski

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