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Turning trunks into trinkets

By Heather Sawaski

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- Trees from Marathon Park in Wausau will play a big role in an upcoming Summer art exhibition.

Wood carver Mark Duginske was busy cutting trees into lumber Sunday. He's giving them to anyone interested in making and donating items to this year's Art From the Park.

There's over 3,000 trees in Marathon Park and every year, about a hundred need to be removed. Duginske purchased the trunks and wants to help others turn them into art.

"We've got somebody who grew up in Schofield who now lives in North Carolina and he's going to make Christmas ornaments," Duginske said. "And then we've got someone who actually grew up next to Marathon Park and he's a wood worker from California and he heard about the project and he's going to make a toy box and then he's going to make toys."

If you're interested in getting involved you can only do so by picking up wood from the park. You can do that by heading over to Washington Square in Downtown Wausau Moday at 6:30 pm or the Aging and Disability Resource Center at south end of North Central Health Care Center at 6:30 pm on Thursday. The wood is free and artists of all skill levels are invited to participate.

Art From the Park kicks off at the CVA in late July.

Online Reporter: Heather Sawaski

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