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Toyota driver safe after car goes out of control


WASHINGTON (ABC NEWS)-- A terrified California driver is saved by a highway patrol officer when his Toyota Prius speeds out of control. 

James Sikes got the scare of his life Monday afternoon, when his Prius accelerated out of control on a San Diego highway.  He calmly dialed 9-1-1 and soon after a California Highway Patrol officer pulled up alongside.

Todd Neibert, California Highway Patrol Officer says, I could tell he was physically trying to break and the vehicle was barely slowing down.  And then I noticed it would accelerate again and we were up to 90 mph."

Sikes says, "It got down to 55 and I pushed the button and shut it off, and it didn't shut off.  I did it a couple of times more, it did shut down, kind of rolled to a stop, till it bump into the back of Neibert's car."

Since last fall, Toyota has recalled more than six-million of its U.S. vehicles after unintended acceleration problems were linked to at least five  deaths.  Twenty-nine other fatalities are being investigated.

Sure enough, Sikes had taken his 2008 Prius to the dealer just two weeks ago, but was told his car was not on the recall list.  Sikes says he will never drive that car again.

In response to the San Diego incident, Toyota has dispatched a field technical specialist to San Diego to investigate the report and offer assistance.

Online Reporter: Jill Courtney


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