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Health care reform latest


WASHINGTON (ABC)-- Sources tell ABC News there have been "dramatic" developments in closed-door meetings on healthcare reform over the last 24 hours.  Still, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi isn't making any guarantees, especially when it comes to the President Obama's March 18th deadline.

Pelosi says, "We will take up the bill when we're ready to take up the bill."

Pelosi and Senior Democrats are still working feverishly to round up the 216 "yes" votes they need in the House.  The pressure is on 37 members of their own party who voted "no" on the house health care bill in November.

Jason Altmire is one of the 37. He was called to the White House twice last week to see the president.

Rep. Jason Altmire, (D) Pennsylvania, says "This is the finish line. We either pass this bill or we do nothing. That's a big choice to make."

But that's not the only issue. Several of those who voted "yes" in the fall have either left Congress or changed their minds and now oppose the bill. Republicans have pledged to do everything in their power to block the legislation.

Senator Mitch McConnell, (R) Minority Leader, says"Americans aren't in any rush to pass this or any other 2,700-page bill that  poses as reform but actually raises the cost of health care."

Senior House Democrats tell ABC News the Speaker won't call for a vote on the bill unless she believes she has enough votes to pass it.

Online Reporter: Jill Courtney

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