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DEVELOPING: Parents upset that students' failing grades were posted in public


MARSHFIELD (WAOW)--Some parents of students in Marshfield are upset with the junior high school principal's decision to post names and grades of failing students in public.

Principal David Schoepke says that it was an attempt to get kids motivated to bring up their grades so they could attend a school dance. Schoepke admits that it wasn't the best plan to motivate the students but he says the posting has moved some kids towards improvement.

Meanwhile some parents are disturbed that their child's failing grade was posted on the junior high school wall saying it was inappropriate.

However publicly posting names and grades isn't just inappropriate; it could be a violation of federal educational standards. Usually schools need to have written permission from parents to release anything about a child's education record, except in certain situations.

To check out the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), click here.

Newsline 9's Colby Robertson is in Marshfield and she'll have more on this story tonight on Newsline 9 at 5, 6 and 10.



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