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Eland Break-in Caught on Tape

Eland Break-in Caught on Tape


by Elizabeth Fay

MARATHON COUNTY (WAOW)--A string of break-ins in Southeastern Marathon County shatter peoples sense of security. Police say thieves targeted homes in Eland, Norrie, Ringle and Franzen. Authorities responded to the area for 8 break-ins during the last two months.


"It's scary around here," says Don Linke who lives down the road from a home burglarized four times since January. It's scary knowing a thief roams the neighborhood and steals from the same house again and again.

You can click on Newsline Nine's related video link to see for yourself.

Victims set up a video camera to catch the person who broke into their home three times. They caught his fourth break-in on film. You can watch the suspect help himself to the family's belongings. Police say the man stole thousands of dollars worth of jewelry cash and about a dozen guns.

Then, he casually walked out the front door. Neighbors say they no longer feel safe and wonder if their home is next.

" We never locked our doors before, now we lock our garage door," says Linke's wife, Sandy.

According to Police, the dark-haired man in the video may be responsible for the other area thefts. They say the thief or thieves usually walk away with cash jewelry or guns and strike during the day.


"He may be knocking at the door to see if anybody's home at first. Homes that are unlocked, he's entering through the door. Homes that are locked, he is forcing entry," explains Detective Ryan Weber of Marathon County Sheriff's Department.

The Linkes say they're on the look-out for the suspect. They carry camera's in their car to catch suspicious activity on tape and they won't settle until police catch the thieves.


I hope that they catch the people that are doing this, so it ends the scary feeling around here.

If you have any information, you are urged to contact the police.

  Online Reporter: Elizabeth Fay

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