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Obama talks health care reform in Ohio

WASHINGTON (ABC)--  It is make it or break it time for President Barack Obama's health care plan.  A vote on the historic measure is expected by week's end, and the White House is doing everything it can to assure passage.

Obama was in Ohio Monday.  Once again, he cited the case of Natoma Canfield, a breast cancer survivor who wrote the president she had to drop her health care coverage.

Obama told the Ohio crowd, "Now, what comes in the mail at the end of last year?  It's a letter telling Natoma that her premiums would go up again by more than 40 percent.  The status quo on health care is simply unsustainable."

It will take 216 votes to pass the bill in the House.  For Democratic lawmakers considered swing voters, there is no place to hide.

Obama says he was talking to Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich on the way to the Ohio rally.

There are liberals, like Dennis Kucinich, who told ABC News just last week the president's plan doesn't go far enough. 

Kucinich says, "We have to have a public option."

Then there are the conservative Democrats who believe the bill doesn't do enough to restrict abortion funding. 

Obama says, "I believe we are going to get the votes. We're going to make this happen."

House Democratic Caucus Chairman John Larson of Connecticut agreed and predicted a vote coming soon.

Larson says, "I think the votes are there. Optimistically Thursday, but hopefully Friday."

Protesters on both sides of the issue are expected in the corridors of the Capitol Tuesday as the clock ticks down to a final vote.

Online Reporter: Jill Courtney

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