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Chinese class to continue in Mosinee


by Meg Bonacorsi

MOSINEE (WAOW) -- A unique class in Mosinee is here to stay.

Chinese language courses have been offered at Mosinee High School since 1998.

Tuesday night, school leaders voted to keep it going.

Very few school districts offer Chinese as a foreign language class.

But that's not the case here at Mosinee High School.

The district has offered students a taste of the far east for 2 years now, and they're loving it.

Student Leigh Olszewski says, "It's been lots of fun. It's a great learning experience."

That's why school leaders voted to hire someone full time to teach the class starting next year.

The current instructor has a visa that's going to expire and has to return to China, but staff members don't want the kids to miss out on a good opportunity.

Principal Ray Przekurat says, "Obviously the Chinese market is very important to business so we figured Chinese would be a good fit for out students."

The course is also very popular.

Przekurat says, "Students love the class. Our signup is actually too much for us to handle."

Although it's notorious for being difficult to learn, some students say speaking Chinese is actually not much different from any other foreign language.

Olszewski says, "People say it's hard but I think it's pretty easy. You just have to practice and work on it every night just like any other class you would take."

And he says speaking Chinese will be helpful later in life.

Olszewski says, "China is growing and I think more people will be coming here or we'll be going over there and I think we'll need to use it in the future."

Starting next year, Mosinee High School will offer 3 levels of Chinese. 

About 130 students are currently signed up and there are even more already signed up for next year.

Online Reporter: Meg Bonacorsi

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