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Health bill release delayed but gaining ground


WASHINGTON (ABC)--  The battle over health care reform is now down to its final days.        Democratic leaders have put off releasing a final version of the bill,  while they wait for budget figures.  And they're still trying to round up "yes" votes from two dozen or so undecided Democrats.

The White House got some encouraging news Wednesday.  Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich originally voted against the bill in November, but flipped his vote to yes.

Kucinich says, "Something is better than nothing.  That is what I kept hearing from my constituents."

Republicans accuse Democrats of using procedural moves usually reserved for smaller bills to force health care reform through Congress.

 Representative (R) David Dreier of California says, "The American people get it. They understand that there is an attempt being made to not have the kind of accountability and disclosure and transparency that were promised."

The bill's final cost estimate could be released today. It's then expected to be 72 hours until a vote.

Online Reporter: Jill Courtney

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