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Health Care Hero Lori Duchow

by Meg Bonacorsi

NEKOOSA (WAOW) -- People do amazing things in our communities and those acts often go un-noticed.

That's why area Red Cross chambers honor those people with their Real Hero Awards.

Lori Duchow, a nurse at Riverwiew Hospital, is recognized as Wood County's Health Care Hero.

On April 11th, 2009, the gym was packed for the Nekoosa Alumni Basketball game.

Suddenly 36-year-old Blake Clary collapsed while playing and his heart stopped.

Lori Duchow rushed to help.

Her daughter Jenna says, "She just jumped down the flight of bleachers and she was there performing CPR faster than you could imagine."

Lori says, "I've been a nurse for 25 years and your natural instincts take over."

Lori performed CPR and eventually used a nearby defibrillator to get Blake's heart beating again.

He came to, having no idea what happened.  Even doctors weren't sure what caused his heart to give out because Blake didn't have any underlying medical conditions.

Blake says, "I could have done it walking down the street but fortunately I was here and there were nurses here and God was looking out for me that day."

Lori says, "God puts you in a place for a reason and I was there for a reason."

Clearly, the events on this day have had a tremendous impact on both Lori and Blake.

Lori says, "It just gives you a different outlook on life, makes you appreciate life."

Blake says, "It makes you appreciate what you have.  Everybody's always caught up in what they don't have and what they're trying to attain and it just makes you realize what you have is great."

Lori's daughter says nominating her mom for a real heroes award was a no brainer.

Jenna says, "She's done so much for other people all throughout her life and I thought that this was more than a perfect opportunity."

Lori will be recognized at the Clark, Portage and Wood County Real Hero's banquet on March 23rd.


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